Let's Make A New Song To Share

How To Read

Mom's Playlist

Title: When You Were Mine

-I gave you all of my money
-Time after time
-I used to let you wear all my clothes
-I don't care
-You were kindasorta my best friend
-I love you more 

Title: The Dance Of Those Who Are Left Over
-sun over our heads
-No one tried to help us
-the year has finished over our heads
-join the dance of the scraps
-we're stuck kicking stones
-the games helped the otehrs 

Title: When This Earthquake Ends
  -wake me up
  -planet disilluion 
  -I'll find you in the ruines
  -talk and talk and talk
  -I know it'll be good momens
  -Greek hearts 

My Playlist

Title:Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust 

-no bread and water
-without ideas in my head
-writing on my hands
-the pressure's on 
-no time to lose

Title: Kangaroo

-Like Saint Joan
-We looked very fine
-Cause we were leaving
-I saw you
-staring out in space 
-blue jeans 

Title:Flowers for Salinger

-retire from a whole world
-protect himself, he is tired
-all your stupidities
-live near a stream, near the woods,
but not in the woods
-give him a few secrets to keep

Nona's Playlist

Title: The Sea And Sky 

-in the distance they look together
-never never never
-the sea cannot reach that high
-equate me to the sky
-it's worth nothing
-my life is controlled by laws

 Anxiety By: Nat King Cole

-anxiety to have your charms
-perhaps ("quizas")
-anxiety to have you in my arms
-words of love
-tears of pearl fall in the sea
-wild melody

 The Flower without Sprouts

-I panted a flower without interest 
-stop watering the flower
-I sowed it to see it 
-after three days, I stopped everything
-it didn't want to grow anymore


Short Villanelle

  I love you more
  through the loosing times
  It's worth nothing 
  Laws controlling 
  we looked very fine
  I love you more
  I don't care 
  without ideas in my head
  It's worth nothing
  Writing in my hands
  I love you more
  It's worth nothing. 
  Another Example:
  Sun over our heads
  during those sixteen days
  "Perhaps," you said,
  "the sea cannot reach that high."
  There's no time to loose
  the sun is over our heads
  Time after time, leaving again 
  cause that's what we were.
  "Quizas," I heard, "Perhaps"
  I saw you, with the sun
  over your head,
  just perhaps, just quizas.