No Time To Loose

I learned English faster than I can remember becasue I was trying to
prove something. My elementary school put me in ESOL class, 
English for Speakers of Other Languages, but I didn’t like it, as if
they had discovered a secret of mine. The only thing I remember from 
the class was one day reading out loud to the teacher, and hearing what 
I set out for, “You don’t need this class,” she said, and I erased never
knowing English from my memory. 
And I didn’t realize why or what I was trying to prove. I didn’t know I was
trying to distance myself from my own self. The version of me in some parallel 
world in which I didn’t come to America; that version is still out there I tink.
So I try now to speak Spanish to get to know the language and love it as much as 
I do English. 
Because it’s a pretty language. And a pretty place.