How To Read

This is a story weaved into a game. 

Three playlists are shown: my own, my mom's, 
and my grandma's, and below each song
selected lyrics are shown. The user is asked
to complile these lyrics into a short villanelle
poem. The repetition in a villanelle structure   
gives the poem a song quality. The user does 
not need to copy the exact lyrics either, they
are free to and are encouraged to mix one lyric 
line with another, change the word order of a 
line, or weave in their own words too. 
Throughout the page, there are links that 
when read together make a story centered 
on that although language plays a significant
role in identifying with a specific culture, 
it also transcends barriers with the the help of
meter and sound.

I chose music to convey this story because 
I believe it can illustrate a person, even a 
total stranger, and music can also remind
one of specific people and/or memories. 
I used html with embedded youtube videos and 
links to remix a poem I wrote called "Orestes 
Knows He Scrapes the Door When He Was Not
There" which references the play 
The Flies by Jean-Paul Satre in which
the character Orestes feels like a foreigner 
in his home city and does everything he can 
to fit back in which means to carry their

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