"But how do you know the lyrics?"
    "We don't" 
My mom loves this French new wave rock band called "Indochine." I don't know how 
to pronounce it, but if you click on any of their youtube videos, you will find a
Peruvian saying how much they love this band and they don't know how to pronounce 
the band name either. Indochine were a huge hit in Peru and many American and 
English bands are too. But why? 

I had never experienced music as just sound before because music from other countries
(exclduing English speaking countries) rarely break though to America. This isolation 
makes it feel like everything is happening here, or at least the most important things 
are. I don't know what Indochine is saying but their sound is great and although now 
it would be easy to look it up lyric translations online, sometimes there's juut no need to.