I finally threw the doll away. We're moving and 
I decided it's time, she's been here forever...She's been 
in the junk closet for years and I'm tired of seeing
her everytime I'm rummaging threw that closet. I would 
donate it, but I can't because I don't know if she'll 
awaken or something. I don't know- maybe I imagined it 
all. But, it didn't seem like it at the time. 

I put her in a bag and left her at the dumpster. My only 
worry now is that I didn't actually put her in the dumpster; 
I left right next to the dumpster, where peopple leave
furniture, house decorations, basically things other people 
in the nieghborhood might want. I should have stuffed in her dumpster. 

As I left, I looked back, and saw how odd the scene looked. Her head 
stuck out of the plastic white trash bag I put her in. In the night, 
it looked like someone left a little girl with blond pigtails in a plastic bag,
leaning on the brick wall behind her. In the day, I bet it looks like that too. 
I never checked though. I didn't go back until today, a week later,and she's gone.