I came up with the spirit's name during a made-up game 
  I played with Nat. I had forgotten about this game. But,
  when a storm cut the lights at the house, my family 
  started telling old stories. I remembered
  about the imagery games Nat and I played when we 
  were little. Most of them were funny- jumbling 
  ourselves up in blankets and then falling down, 
  all those poly-pocket sleepovers we had, and the
  fort making in the living room. But, one story 
  kind of freaked my mom out. The one where we took
  directions from a spirit in the house. Her name,
  I said, was Suzy. I don't know why. I just made the 
  name up. We made up a lot of games. This one in particular
  we played a couple of time. Then, stopped for some reason. 
  I can't remember exactly when we played this game.
  But, I think it was before my aunt came from Peru.