I was trying to sleep,
  my eyes were closed, when I heard a noise from my
  room. It was a tapping noise, as if someone was 
  counting time with their fingers. Someone that's nervous
  or anxious or just waiting.I couldn't find where the noise 
  came from, it was so light that I could barely hear it. 
  But, I could. 
  Then it stopped and I thought it was nothing. When I closed
  my eyes again, though, it began again. I kept my eyes closed,
  not wanting to know what was causing it. Because now, an idea 
  popped into my head that couldn't be true. The noise, although 
  really soft, became louder and louder in my head. I opened my eyes
  and looked at the doll standing next to the TV stand. You couldn't 
  possibly be doing this, I thought. It is in my head, but I am not crazy. 
  I noticed that her elbow hovered very close to the top of the stand,
  and her hand did to. It looked like her back was leaning on the wall
  and her her right arm was using the stand as support. But, no, her
  arm didn't actually touch the stand, there was a little gap in between.
  Although, I then noticed that her fingers curled in and did touch the
  stand. And it moved. Her fingers, lightly, pressing on the stand. Making
  a tapping nosie, counting time, waiting.
  I put my head closer to the pillow. And closed my eyes again. Leave the room
  now, I thought. Now, now NOW NOW. But, no, I couldn't move my body. Only
  my eyes could open. Again, I opened them and looked over to the TV stand.
  She kept counting time.