-I saw you! I saw you hide behind the counter.

 Mazzy I'm not going to look for you. You gotta hide faster 
 if you dont want me to see you.


 Mazzy come on out, I said I saw you. C'mon now.... 
 I'm making sandwiches and yours is almost ready. 

 Mazz! I'm gonna eat your lunch! 

-Yeah dad?  Oh you made lunch? 

-Were you in your room?

-I'm so hungry.

-You were right here. Hiding behind the counter.

-The counter? I wasn't here.

-*laughter* I saw you Mazz.
 I mean, not you. But

 I saw something hide under the counter. 

-I wasn't here. 


 Do you want lemonade?


 What do you mean you saw me? 

-It was 

 like a shadow. Nevermind.

 It was nothing I guess.