-What do you want to play?

-I don't know. I didn't bring my poly pockets today. 
My mom woke me up late and I didn't even finish breakfast.


-Milk kinda makes my stomach hurt so it doesn't matter.

-We always play poly pockets anyways.

-Oh my mom packed me popcorn. So we can watch the DVD you got.

-Oh yeah! I forgot, let's go to the living room then.

-You guys hungry?

-Yeah, Natalie brought popcorn so we're gonna watch a movie now.

-Lunch is ready in ten minutes. So save the popcorn for later. 

-Nat, do you want to watch now or after lunch?

-I guess after. We can't watch without popcorn.

-How about if we make up a game like last time.


-Remember the mystery game? 


-Let's do something like that.

 So let's get some props from my room. 

-Nat just pick up something at random from my room 
 and then we'll make a story out of it.

-Okay. This. 


-It flips up so we can be like reporters. They carry notebooks. 

-OKay, so we use this notebook but let's pretend that someone is communicating to us 
using the notebook, like in Harry Potter. 

 So who should we say is communicating?

-I don't know, someone bad like uh okay like a thief or something.
 Like a thief is trying to communicate with us so that we would do the thieving. 
 But we're like double spies for the police or something? 

Wait, Nat, how about if we make it a ghost. 
A ghost person is sending messages to us through the notebook 
and we have to figure out why. 

-Oooooh okay.

What's the name of the ghost?


let's name herBROKENBROKEN








- she says she wants friends. 






-what else does she say?