You there?



Where is it? OK,OK. So, it's a little notebook. 
Black, checkered. And you put it...and you put it

      You put it somewhere safe.
It's a little notebook. Black, checckered. 
oh my god. ugh, my room is so messy. I can't
How much time has passed?


What do you want!

uhh You okay?

yeah? Yeah!

Come upstiars! 
I can't find something!

okay. Fine. Coming! 

What are you looking for? 

Can you look too!
Get off my bed! I don't know
Come on!what you're looking for!

...oh right. *laughter* 

This room is mess.

I know. *laughter**laughter*

I'm looking for a notebook because I wrote phone numbers in it.

What, a notebook? Why?

To call someone. But my phone is in the repair shop and I don't have anyone's numbers memorized. 
We should always have important phone numbers memorized, do you even know mom and dad's?
  Exactly, see? But, last week I found this notebook and randomly decided to write some 
important phone numbers to just have in print. I don't know...
I don't know. I just need to tell someone.

What,you're being weird. Who do you need to call. Mom, dad?

No...they're at work. So no, not mom or dad. I mean this is crazy. M
Maybe this is just weird. Like, I'm being weird. Manic.

Wait, what happened though?

I heard something. When I was on the computer and, 
    you didn't say anything did you? 

No, what do you mean?

I was using my laptop and I was trying out its microphone. 
You saw me with my guitar right and I started playing a song. You were playing with the Xbox. Yeah..

And so I played it back, the recording, I heard it all the way through and it was me 
you know me playing badly

*laughter* *giggle* 
So I was about to delete it. But, then I decided to hear 
it one more time because something had stuck out to me in the beginning. 
I played it back and there was sounds of interference and then another voice spoke.
         I know where it is! The notebook. I put it here. Here it is.

Wait, what? what did it say?

Help me, someone said help me. It was a girl. I think it was a girl.