Memory from Nov. 6th 2004

"Mazz, I'm back!"

My dad had been gone for ten minutes tops, but he announced his return 
as it was a huge deal. I was eight and thought that I could stay home
alone, no biggie. 

"Okay, whatever," I mumbled.

The day had gone on normal. Dinner was over and my dad had gone to throw 
the trash. I don't remember where my mom was, maybe she was working the
evening shift becasue she wasn't home yet. I was watching my favorite show
Phil of the Future in my parent's room and would be getting ready to go to 
bed soon. But, when the Disney commercial came on, I realized I hadn't actually
heard the front door open. I knew I hadn't and the house felt empty. I grabbed 
the remote, slowly,and then quickly pressed the mute button. I listened for any movement, 
but the house stayed still. I knew I had heard my dad's voice, but I also knew
that there was no one in the house apart from me. The only thing moving were the
pictures on the TV screen, because my body had now completely frozen. I turned
my head back and glanced at the bedroom. The big white teddy bear sitting on the
chair next to the bed started to scare me, for no reason, just that it had dark 
eyes that reflected the room. I put my head to the bed and stayed there, frozen, 
with the muted TV until I heard the front door jiggle open and my dad's footprints. 


"I'm back."

I put the TV sound back on and walked to the living room.

"Just now? 


"You didn't leave and come back?"

"No, why?"

"Oh, was weird. I just thought I heard you."